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"Once You've Heard, You Will Never Forget"Marco Mendez

Mendez Music & Admit One Entertainment
Palm Desert, CA.

Amazing, wonderful, moving, passionate, breathtaking!  These are just a few of the superlatives used to describe Marco Mendez.  But, the story behind this musical genius is almost as breathtaking as his music!

Marco is one of the most highly acclaimed concert artists in the world.  A child prodigy who was accepted into the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music at age 12, he has become legendary for his incredible talent - both as a performer and as an educator.  He is a special artist who will share his musical genius with you during his special events.

Please check out the links to the left to see what Marco has to offer. Currently, we list the CD's and titles of the song registrations that Marco has prepared for you. You can also purchase a collection of 40 styles of music containing 400 preset registrations on a USB stick.  His arrangements are available for the Lowrey and Roland organs, and the Tyros keyboards.

Please bookmark this site to see any new features as this site is prepared.


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