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"Once You've Heard, You Will Never Forget"

Marco Antonio Mendez - Biography

Marco Antonio Mendez was born on September 29, 1964 - three days after his family arrived in Puerto Rico after being picked up 21 miles off the coast of Cuba.  This made Marco and American citizen by birth.  You can say Marco's life was destined for greatness from the very beginning.

Eventually the family moved to New Jersey where Dr. Markey of Princeton University realized Marco was a prodigy in every sense of the word.  He arranged for an audition with Curtis Institute of Music, the best musical conservatory in the world.  For this one opening for the organ, there were hundreds of students auditioning.  For some, it was not the first time they auditioned for this opening.

Marco's first audition won him the coveted slot, and at 12 years old, he was now among the youngest students to enter this world-renowned conservatory.

Since then, Marco has continued to play in some of the world's most prestigious concert halls and religious venues.  Marco has continued to pour out his heart and soul making music all over the united States, Europe, Latin America, South America, China and Japan.  Not only has Marco toured as an artist for the Lowrey, Rogers, Allen and Roland U.S. organ companies, But Marco also travels and tours solo playing concerts Nationally and Internationally.




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